Chinese Quiz La

Traditional chinese, yo.

1. 這份問卷是誰傳給你的?
Giroro Geoff

2. 跟他 (她)是在怎樣的情況下認識的?
In Japanese MapleStory

3. 認識多久了?
Almost a year…Wah lau, so long meh. I don’t remember seriously.

4. 他 (她) 有什麼別於一般人的特點嗎?
That he has 2 heads! Hahahahaha.

5. 在你心目中他 (她)是怎樣的人
2 headed, but he’s just trying to be nice.

6. 現在有想認識誰嗎?
clapbangkiss. I want to know her surgeon. Hahahahahahahahaha. :3

7. 請傳給六個倒楣鬼
BJ & MZ. Hahahaha. I have no friends. Lol.

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