<3 Panda

I love reading Panda’s blog. I just read through all the entries I missed and I feel happy, for some weird reason. She makes me want to blog more, make a new layout, make a new website even. Lol. And then after I log off from my computer, all that enthusiasm fades and you guys are left with a barely updated blog. 😡 Plus she’s been emanating so much happiness on her blog these days that I can’t help feeling warm and tingly inside, too. :p

Seriously, I want to make a new layout, but I have no inspiration. I probably need to surf more, maple less. Maple is eating up my life. Anyway, one reason for me to maple less. 炎の姫 is already level 70! Clickies here to watch the sucky advancement video that I made in under an hour. It’s 9.28MB, btw. As I was saying, ya, I’ll maple less cos she’s already advanced to 3rd Job, I’ll go slow on my other characters, I think. And I really wanna pull up my socks for next semester, too. But I’m prolly just saying shit. I think I’ll slack again when school starts. Hard for me to work hard when I don’t like the environment. Sigh.

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  1. The advertisement on your link says “Earn your degree in half the time!” Maybe you should try that.

    Just talking cock, as usual.

  2. *huggles* Aw babe. Okay I read this post earlier but didnt comment cos I was in Sydney and didn’t have my saved passwords 😛 I’m happy to be your, er, inspiration 😉 Miss you heaps and wish you were here.. :

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