printf( “Hello World.\n” );

This is a notification to all my readers (however small the total population may be), that I am still alive.

My first paper is on 25th April, I have 2 assignments due on 20th April and as you all know, programming assignments are a bitch with all the bugs, especially since we’re coding in C for this particular assignment. And the reason I am still up at this hour is cos another day of debugging has just whooshed by, leaving me feeling unaccomplished and stinky. I haven’t had the opportunity to shower yet.

And my other assignment? It was waiting to be done. No one wanted to do it. I volunteered to do it even though I had shit programming/debugging to do. My group mate messaged me on MSN and told me he’d do it, and thus I only have shit programming/debugging left to do. He is godsend I tell you. I may not have a religion, but I definitely do not doubt the powers that be.

I have no time to study for exams. 5 days is definitely not enough. I am so fucking screwed this sem.

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  1. First it was Dodo now it’s you!! It’s great to see girls coding these days. Back in the days it was all boys.. we got bored!

    Hey wanna exchange plugs? 🙂

  2. MZ: Thanks

    Panda: Oh man. You know the Hello World thingy? :p It was half past 2 in the morning lei…Was a legit typo. 😀

    CessyPoo: Thanks! I need lots!

    jerm: Who’s dodo? 😡 I’m sure you’re pleased to know that we had more girls than boys in class during my polytechnic days! Lol. :p

  3. Don’t see me no up okay.. I may not be as g33k as you but I still know some random references 😉 *huggles some more*

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