What’s All the Excitement?

I love my new red shoes. 😀 *prances around in flats*

I haven’t received my grades for the Financial Account mid term paper yet. Suddenly am very excited about it. Lol. 😀 I really think I will get a good grade for it. 😡

I have tons of things that I wanna do and am very excited about, too! 😀

  • Buy a pouch to keep my sanitary pads in. They keep tumbling out of my bag in front of everybody. 😡
  • Plan to get Celluli-Choc & the L’Oreal skincare range for acne prone skin
  • Get a holiday job. I have a 3 month long holiday from May to August! Somebody hire me please! I’m looking at 1.5k per month at least (which means I can’t go sell cosmetics T_T My lifelong dream is to be able to sell cosmetics. Hahahaha :p). Haha. I wonder whether freelancing will earn me that much. :p
  • Make a new layout!

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