Oreo’s Gone T_T

I have black hair.

Today I met Amelia and Qingyi at City Hall while out shopping with Panda. When I went up to say hi to Qingyi, he looked at me for a long time, and then looked at Panda and said ‘Hi Germaine.’ -_- I asked him why he didn’t say hi to me, haha. And then he started exclaiming, ‘Why black?’. I was so surprised he noticed. It took Panda a few hours before she realised that my hair was no longer brown, and is now freakishly black. Anyway, he didn’t even realised I dyed it black, I think he was just asking why didn’t I dye my hair at all. 😡 Lol. Anyway, I wanna have red hair ends. But I don’t know whether it will be troublesome to maintain the colour. Gotta ask Lynn about this.

And Oreo is no more. 🙁 I miss him. Lynn brought him home cos nobody was free enough to take care of him. Basically, he’s my brother’s dog, but the whole family’s taking care of it except him. Gradually Oreo became my parents’ responsibility and I guess they didn’t want to take that up. Meh. I miss Oreo and his puppy eyes. 🙁

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