Last Day of Work Tomorrow

My last day of work is tomorrow, and then school starts on 10th Jan. Might be learning how to install linux and configuring it during the one week break. Hope I don’t kill my hard disks yet again. 😡

I already forgot what I had wanted to blog about while my blog disappeared at since beginning of December (damn DH!), so I can’t do the flashbacks as I promised. 🙁 I think I’ll just start to blog from now onwards. And I still want to change webhosts. 🙁

Anyway, here’s a short summary of what happened recently. I spent christmas eve at Orchard with Muffin’s parents. We had supper at glutton square after we bought his Motorola e680 from Starhub at PS. It’s a cool phone that acts like a PDA, but a bit bulky for me. The phone has a funky function that reads out your smses. He simply adores that function and always plays me the smses I send him, which contain urr… crazy contents and thus sound ridiculously funny. (Imagine Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sponge bob square pants! in a robotic voice. :x). And it also supports MP3 ringtones, which is one function that I really like! 😀

And then I spent christmas at my cousin’s place playing mahjong. Won 5 bucks and spent the rest of the evening watching Battle Royale 2, which was boring and not as sick as Battle Royale 1 (Thankfully!).

On boxing day, I went to Marriot to have buffet lunch with the people from TechStudio. The food was real nice and I really like the wine jelly a lot. It’s like agar agar with alcohol in it. 😀 After lunch, I went to buy my SE k700i at Hello! @ CitiLink with Muffin. Actually, I’m really broke, but this phone is going to be funded by ERS! I love the gah-ment. 😀 Haha. Anyway, I really like it cos I can make my own themes, have MP3 ringtones etc. 😀

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  1. wa.. so good. my sch starts on next mon, 3rd jan 05. damn sian. no rest days again, except my weekends, which will be spent cleaning up, or else my mum goin to kill me!

    have fun for the next week b4 ur sch re-opens!

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