Domain Name

I forgot to post this earlier. Was too preoccupied with poo. Anyway, I’m still wondering whether I should buy a new domain or keep blogging on free servers like this. And if I’m going to get a new domain, I have a choice of two domain names. and

Please leave a comment to vote:

1) Buy a domain or not?

2) alegria or iluminar?

Thanks a lot peeps. Love you guys. πŸ™‚


I always thought I had constipation, which was why I bought the supplements some months back, and they were goddamn expensive too! x_x But I read a book on constipation, and realised that I’m actually normal. The book says that an average person should poo with a frequency of daily to fortnightly. My average frequency is about once every 3 days to once a week. So I could have saved the money I spent on the supplement. If only I knew at that time. *wrinkles nose*

I Like This Semester

School is more tolerable this sem. Maybe because I’ve gotten used to the 2 hour long lectures and the nomadic lifestyle of an NUS student. Haha.

And one thing that I have noticed, is that I am the old me again. Haha. I found myself just as mysteriously as I lost myself. Weird.

Anyway, I currently have only one goal in life. To be a great mage/archer in Maple Story. Bwahahahahaha.

Another Semester!

School starts this coming Monday. If all goes well, I might be able to have a 4 day week! πŸ™‚

I didn’t manage to bid for Gen Bio (LSM1301), cos by the time I logged in, the next min bid was already 507, and I only have 708 points in my general account. Some idiot bidded 1023 points! Siao one. Ended up taking GEK1536 with Zhichao and Eng Kwee. Muffin and gang happen to be taking that very same module too. Haha. It’s going to be about numbers and it’s past, present and future or something like that. Pity that I can’t take stuff that interest me just cos I’m a computing student. :/

Maple Story

I’ve been playing Maple Story since Monday. I think it’s so much more fun than RO. There’s my character in the weird green hat that makes it look like a boy in skirt. Lol.

Muffin’s character is the wizard-that-looks-like-Gandalf standing next to mine.

boredmuff and Iluminar

Anyway, I haven’t installed Linux yet. Hahaha. Tried to do it this afternoon, but Partition Magic wiped out all my anime when it hung. Boohoo. What a waste of bandwidth. 😑

About Modules Again

In the end I chose LSM1301 and FNA1002 for the last 2 slots.

My friend who’s a very hardworking student got 4.3 for his CAP. I want to be as hardworking as him this sem and hope to pull my CAP up. πŸ™‚

My Modules

I’ll be taking CS1231, CS2106, CS2250 and 2 other modules. I hate module planning. πŸ™