Marina Barrage

Another overdue post. I finally went to Marina Barrage and had the chance to experiment with my camera. πŸ™‚ Was pleasantly surprised to discover that the place is very good for flying kites. The wind was really strong and there weren’t a lot of trees for your kites to get snagged on. However, there were way too many kites, so it’s easy for kites to get entangled or cut each other. I uploaded a couple of nicer pictures on flickr.

Preparing for εˆδΈ€


My cousins will be coming over to my place later, so my mom was busy preparing today’s food in the kitchen last night. Look at how bored Oreo O looked.



I started taking random pictures around the flat and found that my dad actually has a very nice collection of figurines. I took some pics of them. The nice ones are uploaded on my flickr.

Ah bit was looking bored too. Like flat on the bottom of his cage bored (refer to Oreo O’s pic above), but he looked up when I went to take a photo of him. Haha.