Pink Palm Centro


You know, when I first bought my phone, I kept complaining that the pink version is only available in the United States? It still is, but look what I found online! Pink housing and keypads! They’re a tad expensive though, so I’ll give myself a couple of days to consider whether I should buy them.

Product Mix-up

I received my vPOST package today. On the envelop it says “Rebel Touch Arctic”, but when I opened it up, it’s a CapsuleRebel for iPhone 3G inside. 🙁 I’m going to ask my brother whether he wants to buy it off me, then go SLS and see what colors are available for the RebelTouch there. 🙁

Edit: They will send me a replacement for free. 🙂 Now to see how I can make arrangements with vPOSTUSA without an invoice. Haha.

I Touched an iPod Touch

My team won an iPod Touch 16GB during the company trip (from the presentation, sand castle building and treasure hunt events). My boss gave it out on my birthday! I was on leave that day, so I got it from my heart heart the next day when I returned to work. Our name and company name are engraved at the back, so I can’t sell it off, much as I would like to. :p

I named it Christian. I have no idea why, but this name just popped up the moment I saw it. Haha. So now I have Eva, my blinged out iPod Shuffle, and Christian, my iPod Touch.

I’m not bringing it out until I have the protective case for it. Been browsing the Internet for something nice, but none caught my eye until last Friday. I ordered RebelTouch in Arctic color from SwitchEasy (See lower left hand corner of pic on top). It’s being sent to my vPost USA address, so I prolly won’t get it until a couple of weeks later. I know it’s expensive, but what is $40+ bucks compared to a free iPod Touch that costs almost $500? Meanwhile, I’m pumping it full of content so that I can have fun with it when I can finally bring it out. 🙂

Also, my wallpaper is a pic of Zy’lah Manslayer from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (WoW TCG). My main character in WoW was a female troll warrior called Zulfang who looked like Zy’lah Manslayer. When the WoW TCG was launched, all my guildmates mentioned that this card reminded them of me. Haha. So I used this pic as my msn avatar for a while. I really like this pic, cos it bears an amazing likeness to Zulfang. I would have liked Zulfang to dual wield all the way as a Fury warrior, but due to circumstances, I had to spec her as main tank for Raid 2. She had the uber claws from Zul’Gurub which will turn her into a Tiger randomly as she hits a target. Took me almost a year to complete that set of claws. Hahaha. I miss her, but I’ve since sold off my account, so… ya. No going back to the game, it sucks your life force away.

Canon IXUS 980 IS

Canon recently launched a new compact camera that allows users to control aperture and shutter speed. I am very tempted to sell off my Canon IXUS 860 IS to get this camera so that I can experiment with aperture and shutter speed. Have already seen a couple of sample pics taken by this camera, it’s just as good (or sucky at high ISO :p) as my 860.

Also, it’s selling at SGD 659 with free 4GB SD card, which I think is a normal price range. Maybe can get cheaper at Mustafa? But might not have freebies there. Haha. I can sell off my current camera and top up a bit to get it. 🙂 Need to check how much my current camera can fetch. I’ve only used it for a year and it’s in pristine condition.

Palm Centro


I love this phone. Too bad it’s only available for the CDMA network, otherwise I’d get an unlocked version. I’m trying to get the white color version (only color available in Singapore), then maybe Gmask or airbrush it pink. 🙂

New Year, New PC

I bought a new PC on Sunday. Wanted to upgrade, but ended up buying all new components. Don’t ask me how much I spent. 🙁



  • Intel X38 Chipset
  • Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz
  • Nvidia 8800GT 1GB
  • 2GB RAM (Wanted to buy 2 x 2GB, but they were out of stock. Now running 2 x 1GB)
  • 500GB 32MB HDD (Storage is so cheap man)

Have you seen a 1GB video card before? This is the first time I’m seeing one. It looks really nice, gold gold bling bling.


Ok la, now I should be able to play some uber games on it. 🙂

P.S. Image quality is bad cos I used my handphone cam and I don’t have any image editor on this PC to edit contrast.

My Gadgets

Been wanting to post a pic of my phone ever since I dolled it up, but never got around to doing it. Anyway, I bought my own crystals and little white roses and stuck them onto my phone using nail polish. Looks real girl right? :p

I ordered a customised hard cover for my DS Lite through play-asia, and collected the package yesterday. 🙂 Looks quite nice when you open up the DS cos it forms a complete picture of Shinryu from Dragonball Z.

No, I’m not a fan of Dragonball Z, I just like the dragon. Dan dan says I’m very lian! LOL