First Trimester

Ardan at 9 weeks 5 days
Ardan at 9 weeks 5 days

I was constantly hungry in my first trimester, I had to eat 5 times a day – breakfast, a sandwich from Cedele at 10 ish, lunch, another sandwich or a prata at 3 plus, then dinner. I had this inane craving for soup based meals in my first trimester, and ended up having lunch at SOUPerich almost everyday, and there was an insatiable craving for tom yam soup, so I had Thai food for dinner as much as I could. 😀 I tried not to go for drinking events as well, as I felt really out of place and didn’t know what to do since I couldn’t drink.

Energy-wise, it was a lottery. There were days where I woke and could only manage staying in bed the whole day (had to call in sick to work), most days I could only manage staying on top of things until 4pm, and productive waned after that. I took naps during weekends and slept quite a fair bit in my first trimester.

I was one of the lucky ones to not have daily morning sickness, however, I developed motion sickness. If I took a cab and the trip was slightly too long (20 minutes max was all I could take), I would vomit during the cab ride. So I went around with a plastic bag in my bag all the time. My morning commute to work in a cab was about 20 minutes, and there were days where I would throw up as the taxi driver rolls into the taxi stand at our destination. I always felt it was such a waste of some good breakfast. And if I had vomited on the way to work, I usually felt crappy throughout the day. Another symptom I had was bleeding gums; you can check out a few other common pregnancy symptoms at the Baby Center website.

I put off on buying maternity clothes until I was at Week 19, when I tore a dress at work. Haha… so embarrassing. H&M is a good place to buy maternity clothing, they have a lot of basics if you’re not fashionable (like me). I bought a dark blue polka dotted top, a black tank top, a pair of black pants, a pair of beige pants, and a pair of jeans. That formed pretty much the base of the wardrobe I lived in for the next 18 weeks. I was pairing various over sized tops I already owned with the new bottoms for work. I managed to wear the outfit below until week 20 or so.

Chinese New Year 2014 Outfit
11 Weeks

Discovering Ardan

I started feeling extremely hungry throughout December 2013, and my period was late. I didn’t think I was pregnant as my period was always late whenever I traveled. Nonetheless, Han asked that I test myself. We did the test on Christmas Eve, and I tested positive on the stick (Merry Christmas, Han!). I didn’t believe it even though Han had been telling me the entire week he was pretty sure I was pregnant. I mean, come on, we’ve only been trying for a couple of months.

I didn’t have a regular gynae, I get my pap smear done with the healthcare partner from my insurance company every 2 years, so I messaged my childhood friend and asked her for her gynae’s contact (she happened to be pregnant as well, and due during CNY week 2014). So I called the gynae up, and they were fully booked. The first appointment I could get with her was on 6 January 2014.

6 Jan arrived, and we went for our appointment. It was a very surreal experience, I had this in my belly.

Sonograph 6 Jan 2014

I felt that it was such a miraculous thing a life could be formed just like that, I was so touched, I cried.

Our gynae (her contact details at the end of the blog post) brought us through the various components that were displayed on the scan, how the fetus is getting its nutrition, how big it is, is it growing at the rate as expected and so on. She’s really professional and comprehensive in her explanations, and answered our questions patiently. I didn’t really know what to ask, this being my first time and all, so Han did most of it. I just listened to understand.

We were then sent off with multi-vits and Calcium pills, and our next appointment in the calendar.

I went home and had a very strong inspiration to sketch the scan. Basically at 7 weeks 5 days, Ardan looked like a peanut with nubs for limbs, and a halo where he gets his nutrition from.

Ardan Sketch

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