Ardan in his play pen

There are nights when I come home from work and I want to work on some things – sell some dog clothes, pay my bills, craft a little, surf a little Internet etc. But most nights I found that I couldn’t do these things, as it would be 9 plus in the evening after I’ve had my dinner and showered after work, and it would be time to put Ardan to bed. We co-sleep, so it means I have to be in bed with him at 9 plus as well. Or I could be done earlier, but neither Han nor Sheila are free to help mind him. 

So recently I’ve started putting Ardan in his playpen in our room again, and to my surprise, he’s experiencing new found enjoyment in it. I was using the playpen heavily when I was on maternity leave, but in recent weeks it just hasn’t been used that often. 

He would cry if we put him on our bed and we went off to do our stuff, but he seems plenty happy rolling about in his playpen alone, and would entertain himself for an hour sometimes. Which equates to an hour I could use to do some mindless Internet surfing, for example. 🙂

We use the Nuna SENA in red, which Han bought from a baby fair last year. 

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