Week 2 Postpartum

On 7th day postpartum, we went for our appointment at the Gynae and PD, all ok. Ardan’s jaundice went down and he was not required to report back at the PD again. 🙂 Our pediatrician is Dr. Terence Tan from Kinder Clinic at Mount Alvernia Hospital. He’s a really busy busy man, but he has infinite patience for his work. Admirable.

Ardan at 7 Days Old
Ardan at 7 Days Old

The confinement lady encouraged me to sleep more, she said that would help with the milk production. I started being able to sleep through the night, and felt much better if I napped in the afternoon. I got really lazy and pumped only every 3 hours, as my supply was not increasing as much as I would like it to. I started taking More Milk Plus from MotherLove, and noticed my supply increasing, so that was very encouraging.

We also had the Jamu Massage lady for 8 sessions from 7th to 15th day postpartum (she’s off on Sunday). We engaged her from PEM, and she’s really good, her name is Mila. However, my waist line remained at 32 inches.

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