Days 3-6 Postpartum

Our confinement lady was already waiting for us when we got home from the hospital. We got to know about her through word of mouth, but had to engage her through PEM Confinement Agency. She is really good, and comes with 30 years of experience. If anybody needs to engage her, contact PEM, and ask for Tang Ya Jiao. We also bought the herbal package from PEM, so I get to drink red date tea, and a different soup daily for the 28 days the confinement lady is with us. You can see the menu here.

For the rest of the week at home, I persevered to pump every 2-3 hours, even through the night. I was really tired, and I felt that my life has been segmented into blocks of 3 hours. Unfortunately, I was dry all the way until the morning of my 5th day postpartum, fortunately we grabbed that tin of formula on the way home, otherwise Ardan would have starved himself to hypoglycaemia, or even ended up in the ICU. It’s nuts how the nurses in the hospital said that they don’t make suggestions; even if they see a new mother unknowingly putting her child’s life in danger?! I cannot imagine almost killing a child I spent all that effort to carry for 8 months. For a more chilling tale of a couple who really almost killed their own child, read this. Also, don’t heed my lactation consultant’s advice and feed the baby water. Babies between the age of 0-6 months old are supposed to drink either breast milk or formula milk, that’s it. If you happen to not make any milk, have the nurses in the hospital feed the baby with formula milk (feeding formula milk is not the end of the world, trust me). There, I hope by putting this out there, I am helping to prevent more newborns in the world from possibly being admitted into ICU.

Ardan at 3 Days Old
Ardan at 3 Days Old

For ladies who are interested in quickly reducing your waistline postpartum, do persevere in wearing the belly binders, as well as breast feeding (if you can), it really helps. Here are my waist measurements for Day 2-6 postpartum:
6 Aug 36″
7 Aug 34″
8 Aug 32.5″
9 Aug 33″
10 Aug 32.5″

I was using the Belly Bandit Original the whole week, 24 hours a day, right from 3 hours after delivery.

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