Meeting Ardan

On the first day of 37 weeks, I had contractions the whole day, so I put myself on bed rest for most of the day.

On the second day of 37 weeks, I was feeling fine, and we went back to my parents as per our usual schedule on Sundays.

At our last appointment, our gynae had told us to let her know at the next appointment when we would like to induce. I spent some thought on it, and we decided to pick 15 August. I told MZ, Han, and my parents about the date, but Ardan had other plans.

0 hour – On the third day of 37 weeks, I woke up early in the morning, feeling a leak down there. I went to the toilet for a pee, and there was a little bit of blood when I wiped. I woke Han up, and called my gynae. Meanwhile, the contractions started as well. We were told to proceed to the hospital. We gathered my hospital bag (fortunately I packed early), and we reached the hospital in an hour’s time. The interesting bit for me was that the contractions were really 5 minutes apart when we were in the car.

1st hour – I had filled in the pre-admission form previously, so admission was really fast. We didn’t have the doctor’s letter, nor my results for the GBS swab test since we were supposed to discuss these two things at my next pre-natal visit, which clearly by now, isn’t going to happen anymore. We were asked if we wanted to store the cord blood, I wasn’t prepared for the question, but being kiasu parents, we decided to do it anyway and opted to store with StemCord due to the discount from the Alvernia Ladies card. Then we proceeded to the delivery room, and our nurse, Nurse Candy, was really good at her job. She introduced herself, hooked me up to two monitors – one to track my contractions, and the other to track baby’s heartbeat – and proceeded to check me. I was already 2cm dilated. I asked if I could have breakfast since we rushed in and I didn’t manage to have anything. She said she’ll check with the doctor, and meanwhile they gave me an enema.

2nd hour – OH MY GOD. The enema, has got to be the worst thing I have ever experienced in my entire life! Once I started in the toilet, I could not stop pooping. Halfway through, I thought I was done so I washed myself with the toilet shower, but no, there was some more to come. The unbearable part was I was also having contractions along with trying to dump so much out of me. I could hear that they delivered my breakfast while I was in the toilet, and the Aunty kept coming in to ask if I’m done so she could clear the tray. I have absolutely no idea how long I spent in the toilet, not surprised if it’s at least half an hour. When I was finally done, I washed myself and crawled back into bed, and had my breakfast feebly. Nurse Candy told me that I looked really ragged as if I had delivered. I told her it was the enema.

3rd hour – My gynae came and they checked me, I was 6cm dilated, she then unplugged my mucus plug and said she’ll be back at lunch time, and I will definitely deliver after lunch, so she told Han to go grab a bite. Nurse Candy asked if I was going for epidural, I said yes. She recommended that I get it in at 6cm then, since it will be too late if I have it at 8cm.

4th hour – The anesthetist (Dr. Wong Kahoe) arrived, and he helped me put the epidural in. It was relatively painless, the IV drip, on the other hand, was a bitch. I was told to lie on my right side for the epidural to flow equally to both sides.

5th hour – Remained 6cm dilated, and was administered medication to dilate through the IV drip. I spent the next few hours watching Cartoon Network and drifting in and out of sleep, and switching to lie on the left side as my right side grew numb. The nurses checked me periodically. Meanwhile, I could feel Ardan slowly moving down my pelvis towards the exit.

9th hour – The nurses announced that I was finally fully dilated, they’ve already called my gynae in, and then we can start pushing. The Epidural was still going strong.

10th hour – Well, due to lack of exercise, I had weak muscles and prolly wouldn’t have been able to push Ardan out by myself. It was a major project, we had 5 people delivering Ardan. 3 nurses were pushing on my belly, I was pushing, and my doctor was pulling with a vacuum. Ardan was out within the hour.

Ardan - Fresh from the Oven
Ardan – Fresh from the Oven

Han didn’t witness the process in the end, he was on my side of the delivery the whole time. “Potentially traumatising”, he says. We didn’t want to cut the cord either. Doctor wanted to show us the placenta too, but, no.

can you not

A lady from StemCord suddenly arrived, talked to me about a bunch of stuff and showed me a bunch of forms, but I was really tired so I tried to make sense of it amidst my immense sleepiness. Then both Ardan and I were wheeled to the ward.

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  1. Hi, I saw your post when I was finding more about the delivery process. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Currently in my 30th week and I am quite worried about the enema procedure after reading this. Is it a complicated procedure? Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Hi! The enema isn’t a complicated procedure, the end effect is to make sure you clear your bowels before you start pushing the baby, to prevent a mess. I always had issues with my digestive system, so it was quite unbearable for me. Hope that alleviates any concerns you may have!

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