Third Trimester

At our next pre-natal appointment (28 weeks), Ardan was still 3 weeks too big. He measured about 31-32 weeks, so our gynae didn’t warn me about my diet anymore, I still made sure I didn’t have more than one cake/ice cream/dessert a week though.

Similar to the switch from the first to second trimester, the symptoms for the third trimester just appeared overnight. I started having edema, and my nose bled, for a short while, a couple of times. I visited the toilet fairly frequently as well.

The edema in my feet were quite bad, but propping them up on pillows while I slept helped to relieve the water retention. The downside was, sometimes I had to wake up in the middle of the night to use the toilet when the water was processed by my body. And this cycle repeated daily, as my feet would swell throughout the day. I was unable to wear any of my rings on my fingers as well, and my hands hurt when I clenched them (this problem still hasn’t gone away post partum).


Before discovering that I could alleviate the edema in my feet by propping them on pillows, I tried other methods recommended by my friends as well. One of them included wrapping my feet in cabbages, but all it did was attract Pong Pong to try and eat them off my feet.


At every monthly appointment, Ardan continued to be 3 weeks too big, so I started making plans to start my maternity earlier, when I would be at the end of 37 weeks, as theoretically that would mean he is sized 40 weeks. Ardan grew really rapidly in the third trimester, here’s a photo of me at 34 weeks.

34 Weeks
34 Weeks

On our pre-natal appointment at 36 weeks, our gynae did the GBS swab test, and told us that the next day Ardan would be considered full term, so she would start to see us on a weekly basis. And since Ardan has been bigger than expected, we could let her know at the next appointment if we wanted to induce labor before week 40.

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