The Social Network

The Social Network

Ok. I’m slow. I watched The Social Network few weeks back courtesy of lucky Han who won tickets from Sony Pictures, but I haven’t blogged about what I thought about it. I don’t think much nowadays, but that’s not the point of this post. Aaaaaanyway, I saw this YouTube video on a friend’s Facebook wall and was reminded of the movie. Before I continue, enjoy the video first.

I liked the pace of the movie. I enjoyed how fast the dialogue was, and how that made me pay attention the entire length of the movie. I admit I have very bad focus recently, so I really liked it that this movie was able to get me to focus. The scene used for the typography video above, was one of the scenes that left an impression on me. I liked how his reply systematically answered each aspect of the question, which I think a lot of people agree with me, judging from the number of comments left on my friend’s Facebook wall now. I know I must have said “Whao” right after movie Mark finished saying his piece while I was watching the show. Haha. I remember being quite impressed with his reply.

So. What are my take aways from the movie?

  1. Having money doesn’t mean you can run/lead/expand a business
  2. Being a geek doesn’t mean you can’t be a visionary (some kind of hope for geeks!)
  3. Really, only share awesome ideas with those you trust
  4. And get those NDAs signed, dammit
  5. The movie pace is pretty much like working in Qais. Nickpan agrees.

It’s been showing since 28 Oct, catch it if you haven’t. Pretty epic movie that all (self-proclaimed or not) geeks have to watch.

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