Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010

2009 was the first time I dressed up for Halloween, and we had so much fun. Filled with excitement, I started thinking about my costume this year when the end of September rolled around. Originally wanted to go as Jessica Rabbit, but couldn’t find the exact dress she was wearing (strapless red sequin dress with a slit on one side) from any online shop, and my mom was too busy to make one for me. Then I stumbled upon some Lady Gaga outfits online and my mom decided to modify one of my existing dresses to look like Gaga’s dress.

My mom made me the silver dress in 2007 for my company’s Dinner and Dance (I’ve forgotten what the theme was). Guess it’s worth her effort since I’ve worn it more than once. 🙂 Plus, I had so many people praising the dress, I feel proud I’m sorta modelling for my mom. Haha. Was really tickled by the number of people who thought I really had platinum blonde hair and kept trying to pull at my wig at Dragonfly. And Lady Gaga is such a celebrity, I had so many people asking to have a picture taken with me. I met one other Lady Gaga (was expecting to meet more, was disappointed when I didn’t), who was drunk and kept throwing herself at me. We took lots of blur, unfocused and overexposed pictures together. :p

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