Elva WOW Concert

MZ and I went to watch Elva’s WOW Concert on 4th Sept, it was my first time attending a concert (yes, I’m a suakoo bird) and I loved it. Haha. The crowd could be more happening, but that’s Singaporeans for you, not that fun. Elva was spending so much effort coaxing people into standing up and shaking their booty. I loved her costumes, but couldn’t help feeling they were very heavily inspired by Lady Gaga. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take close-ups of her with my LX3. 😡 You can see some of her outfits in close up at the Singapore Fansite. They don’t have the full collection of her outfits there though.

There was this song where they had sparkles falling from the sky, and it had a very pretty starry effect. The concert was awesome, and made me realise that I grew up with her songs.

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