Worldvision Singapore 30 Hour Famine

Worldvision Singapore‘s annual 30 Hour Famine event ended last Saturday. This is an annual event which takes place in Australia, Canada, Holland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, UK and USA. Youths participate in this event to experience the hunger and starvation of less privileged countries as well as be exposed to poverty that exist around the world. Through this event, Worldvision aims to raise S$100,000 to help children and their families overcome poverty and achieve their dreams.

My very benevolent friend (who is also a very talented singer) Crystal took part in the event and even performed on an empty stomach for the Finale Concert held at *SCAPE. A bunch of us went to support her at the finale concert.

It’s very heartening to know that even though youths in Singapore took part in the event due to CIP requirements, they chose to participate in this event instead of other less gruelling ones. While out in town on Tuesday, I overheard a group of teenagers still discussing the event. 🙂

Worldvision is collecting funds until end July 2010. If you are interested to support this event, on this page, you can make a general donation, or choose to donate in support of one of the campers.

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