Brother Sister iPod Nanos and FMJs

Ah Bit stopped eating his usual Oxbow pellets one day and lost a lot of weight. A check with the vet showed that there’s nothing wrong with him physically, so it’s most prob selective feeding. Had to feed him some pellet slush and probiotics before I bought the vet-recommended brand of pellets. I’m currently feeding him Burgess Excel Rabbit Mature Cranberry & Ginseng, which claims to prevent selective feeding, also it’s catered to rabbits that are older than 5 years (Plus! It has Ginseng inside! Stupid Ah Bit is so pampered la).

When we change rabbit feed, we’re supposed to change it gradually so as not to upset the rabbit’s digestive system as well as to prevent the rabbit from refusing the new feed. In this instance, I couldn’t do a gradual switch cos Ah Bit has stopped eating his Oxbow pellets. Ah Bit is usually picky about his pellets, but he ate these the moment I put them in his bowl. 🙂

Friday night out with my Universe. Nu and I bought dinner at Sushi Tei for our double celebration, and we watched Ip Man after. I found it too cruel and a little forced. I much preferred the prequel.

My brother and I now have brother sister iPod Nanos and FMJs (mine in chrome, his in black). He’s trying to psycho me to get one of the Tis, but I know that I’ll never get one of those. I’m too lazy to bring headphones around, though I really like the pair he has.

Also, Hanny sprang a surprise visit before his Mother’s day dinner with his family today. He caught me in extremely ratty PJs, but still… <3 <3 <3

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