On my way to the gym now. Been feeling so lazy since I woke up and have been vegetating in front of the computer. I feel torn about having a packed schedule. It really helps to have a busy schedule where I just keep going on and on and on and on, cos once I have a chance to slow down, inertia sets in and it’s so hard to get myself going again. Like this morning. :p

On the flipside, I don’t spend proper time with my family anymore (when I’m free for meals, my parents reject me. And when they’re free, they force me to cancel my other commitments, which I do. 😡 unless it’s a place I don’t wanna go to).

I’m current taking the PMPCC (Project Management Professional Certification Course), and the instructor taught us that a successful Project Manager can achieve work-life balance for herself, and her team members. Throughout the course, he will randomly remind us to switch off our phones in class (which I do without him reminding), to keep our laptops away (I don’t bring my laptop to class), to not go back to office at the end of the course day (I can’t help it :x). Work can never be finished. This, I agree, but most times I’m putting in the extra hours to meet datelines, not to clear work that can be done another day, and certainly not to make myself seem more hardworking.

This weekend is kinda different from my other weekends. Firstly, it’s long, so I have one extra day, which I spent with Serena at the beach in the day and then New Moon in the night with my Dragon boys and Fly girls. And then no clubbing last night (not a norm). Secondly, did not managed to get tickets to Mulan tonight, so no movie tonight (I watch a movie every Sat night). A bit irritated cos my friend said he’ll get the tickets days ago, and then asked me to get the tickets just now cos he forgot to do so. I hate kio-ing sai, especially if it’s last minute. Moreover, it’s the weekend and it’s a new show. Sure damn hard to get tickets. Rawr. Last but not least, I gotta fit in some PMP studying this weekend. Maybe tonight, cos I’m angry with movie friend and might decide not to hang out with him tonight if I’m still angry after gym.

26th Birthday

I was right, birthdays can only get better and better!

Started my morning with a complimentary spa at The Ultimate, which came with complimentary dessert, boiled papaya and white fungus (my fav!), so it was really nice, but I still prefer my masseuse at Subtle Senses. :p

Met MZ for lunch, and we bought a nice dress at $18 (damn cheap!). Wanted to get a bigini for ZoukOut and my Bali trip, but cannot find one that fit me (OD-ed on rice and too fat now) with prints that I like. Supposed to meet cousins, but SC made major boo-boo. Then went to Grand Shanghai to have dinner with my awesome colleagues! Panda sent me a surprise bouquet at work, which my colleagues brought to the restaurant for me. 🙂 First time receiving flowers at work, and from a surprise sender too!


Evonne made a guest appearance to give me the present (which everybody – colleagues, ex-colleagues, Flying friends – shared!). I’m so touched, cos they really made so much effort for me. Cannot help it and cried during dinner. Haha, crazy la, cried everyday since Sunday sia. 😡 I’m very touched that everybody is doing so much for me. A little overwhelmed.


We had drinks after, and they were discussing how to kill me with those knockout drinks. Luckily, we didn’t have any of those in the end. Hehe.


Very touched. Wanna thank everybody for the awesome evening, presents, photos and videos taken. 🙂

Happy Birthday!

It sucks that I actually literally grew older in the office. A couple of my colleagues sang me the birthday song at exactly 12am. Gave me a shock, but it was very funny. They didn’t get me a cake, but made me blow scraps of papers. Hahaha.

Well, I wish for everybody to be in good health, love their family more and to be happy. 🙂

Losing Bubba

My friend says I am a man because my fats are stuck at the stomach. I agree, because too much testosterone causes acne. And I have acne, so technically, I am hormonally a man. Wth right? 😀

To eat! To do!
+ Fruits & vegetables
+ Water
+ Banana, Honey & Onions
– Sugar
– White bread, rice & pasta
+ Sunshine
– Alcohol
– Stress
+ Sit-ups
+ Swimming
+ Kayaking
+ Rowing
+ Boxing
+ Boxercise

Happy Halloween!

Original plan was to start at Zouk then end up at Dragonfly, but it went the other way around due to the rain. :p I dressed up as a Vampire, but I couldn’t get the fangs to work, so I ended up looking like a Cabaret performer instead. Serena helped me do my eye makeup. The rest of my face was pale on purpose. Was with the usual gang at Dragonfly…


Then ran off to Zouk with Serena to meet Vivian and Shruti.