Salsa Withdrawal

Haven’t been going to union for the past two weeks and I feel so uncomfortable. 🙁

Missed my last Intermediate 1 lesson at ADS last Tuesday cos of overtime which pissed me off greatly. :/ Didn’t make it to union last Wednesday as well cos of overtime and no one to go with. Vivian and Terence were both overseas and Shruti has simply lost interest in Salsa.

Didn’t make it this week as well cos there’s still no one to go with me. Vivian finally came back today, and she says she’ll accompany me next week. 🙂

I caught 500 Days of Summer yesterday evening, and I think it was a good movie. The story is very true to life, there were no special effects, it was just an everyday story, but it really gripped me with how realistic the story was. Moreover, I like the female lead. I first saw her in Yes Man, and liked her there.

The movie did not have a happy ending for the male protagonist, but that’s what it is. You break up, you move on.

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