Who Is That Girl I See Staring Straight Back At Me?

I feel like I’m losing myself for so many reasons I don’t know where to begin.

For one, I haven’t achieved anything in a while. Time to be focussed again. I’m planning to take PMP course by end of this year, and sit for the exam in Q1 next year. If all goes well, I will pass and have an awesome professional certification. 🙂

I also feel that I haven’t been learning on the job. No time to read all those resources shared by my awesome colleagues, even if I have time to go through them, no time to make it a point to commit them to memory. Pretty much spent my time this year clearing my daily work, dancing, drinking, going for Japanese class, gym and watching movies during the weekends. I have no time to produce quality work, cannot spin properly in Salsa, cannot remember half of what was taught in Japanese class and have no time to revise or finish my Japanese homework. At least my time spent at the gym have been fruitful and I’ve only been watching movies that are awesome. 🙂

I guess what is really gnawing away at me now is that I’m not learning on the job, which is what pushed me to make arrangements for my PMP certification at lightning speed. Moreover I have only just enough PM working experience to apply for the certificate, which one of the trainers at the training centres I enquired with today kindly pointed out to me.

Salsa Withdrawal

Haven’t been going to union for the past two weeks and I feel so uncomfortable. 🙁

Missed my last Intermediate 1 lesson at ADS last Tuesday cos of overtime which pissed me off greatly. :/ Didn’t make it to union last Wednesday as well cos of overtime and no one to go with. Vivian and Terence were both overseas and Shruti has simply lost interest in Salsa.

Didn’t make it this week as well cos there’s still no one to go with me. Vivian finally came back today, and she says she’ll accompany me next week. 🙂

I caught 500 Days of Summer yesterday evening, and I think it was a good movie. The story is very true to life, there were no special effects, it was just an everyday story, but it really gripped me with how realistic the story was. Moreover, I like the female lead. I first saw her in Yes Man, and liked her there.

The movie did not have a happy ending for the male protagonist, but that’s what it is. You break up, you move on.

Family Day Cruise

One evening during the week, dad called and said that we’re going on a day cruise on Sunday, without asking if I’m free! The conversation went like this…

Dad: Hello? This Sunday, we’re all (him, mom, bro and gf) going on a cruise, you’re going too.

Me: Huh? This Sunday? What cruise? You didn’t even ask me if I’m free!

Dad: We’re all going, so you’re going too. I help you book tickets ok.

Me: I don’t have money this month! And you didn’t even ask if I’m free!

Dad: I’m booking, I help you pay.

Me: Huh. Ok lo.

Dad: Ok, Sunday ah. Bye bye (happily)

Me: Ok, bye. (What the …)

So, (I’m not free, but) we’re in the car to Harbourfront at the moment. I’m not gonna be accessible by phone for today. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!