Tried dirt biking for the first time today, and… I don’t like it. Haha. I am not adept at controlling unstable things with wheels so I’ll prolly pass on the next dirtbiking outing. For anybody who’s interested, we went to Tristan Park, Pengarang. I was on the 125cc bike and I top the scoreboard for falling down the most times today, both times having one leg pinned down by the bike. See my battle scars below, blue black on both legs (yes, I know I have the complexion of a corpse) and a strip of sun burnt skin cos I didn’t spread my sunblock far enough my shoulder blade. Lame LOL.


As I grow older, I realise that I am more and more gu niang. LOL. Run away at the sight of fishes in my face when snorkelling, going like a turtle on off-road terrain on the bike cos I’m damn kiasee, super heart pain I have these awful blue blacks on my ghostly legs and so on. :/ Yes, I am anti gu niang, but I cannot anti something if I am one of them. Haha.

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