I hate Facebook. Like, seriously. The things they suggest to me on my Facebook homepage is always so appropriate. LOL. Saw that a friend became a fan of this page, so I went to check it out. And then I went on to look at the official website, which happened to have an online catalogue, and now I want to buy this, this, this, this and this.


Personas – How Does the Internet See You?

This is how the Internet sees estrellachua. The mini words in the image say (from left to right) online, fame, sports, management, media, news, music and social.


I tried chufang and estrella chua, but there is simply too much information on the Internet with these keywords and does not identify me specifically, which is the philosophy of this exhibit.

You can try it out here or find out more about it here. Do note that numerical characters are not allowed. I think this control is in place so that people will not search for their nicknames.

Crystal’s Birthday

Crystal’s birthday was last Friday, and we did a short video for her. Check it out in the embedded video below. The audio is out of sync for the segments with Shruti and me, otherwise, the rest of the video is fine. And pardon the lousy singing. :p

My Heart Hearts

Was going through my photos on Facebook yesterday and realised that photos that were tagged with me and taken with my colleagues, spanned a total of 60 pages. Can you imagine how much the actual amount of photos we have taken (inclusive of those without me in them, and untagged)?! Wow, we’re such cam whores. And the amazing thing is, there’re guys cam whoring with us. Lol.

Yesterday’s lunch (AND dinner) topic made me realise how much my colleagues <3 me and think for me. So nice of them. 🙂 Makes me a little sad when I think about the bunch of us moving on with our lives and no longer spending 15 hour days together next time. :/



Tried dirt biking for the first time today, and… I don’t like it. Haha. I am not adept at controlling unstable things with wheels so I’ll prolly pass on the next dirtbiking outing. For anybody who’s interested, we went to Tristan Park, Pengarang. I was on the 125cc bike and I top the scoreboard for falling down the most times today, both times having one leg pinned down by the bike. See my battle scars below, blue black on both legs (yes, I know I have the complexion of a corpse) and a strip of sun burnt skin cos I didn’t spread my sunblock far enough my shoulder blade. Lame LOL.


As I grow older, I realise that I am more and more gu niang. LOL. Run away at the sight of fishes in my face when snorkelling, going like a turtle on off-road terrain on the bike cos I’m damn kiasee, super heart pain I have these awful blue blacks on my ghostly legs and so on. :/ Yes, I am anti gu niang, but I cannot anti something if I am one of them. Haha.

Personal Challenge Day N

Been learning salsa for 3 months now, took Intermediate 1 at JJSalsaRengue, now taking Beginners 2 at Attitude Dance Studio. I prefer the instructors at ADS as they’re stricter and really correct you on your mistakes. They also ensure that you get your basics right. 🙂

Realised today that the music at Union is faster than the music we use in class. Took me so long to notice… Haha. Anyway, I still got a lot to work on! Need to smile, stop looking down, stop crashing into walls… Ya.