Taipei + Hokkaido Trip Day 4 – 6

14 July: 旭日

  • The animals at 旭日山動物園 are wayyyyyyyy bigger than ours in Singapore. The size of their Orangutan makes Ah Meng seems like nothing.
  • Went to see 男山 factory. Managed to collect some spring water from there for drinking. Haha.
  • Free and easy for the rest of the evening.
  • Stayed over at ToyoHotel for the night. This place had the best bed throughout the whole trip.

15 July: 富良野

  • Went to Farm Tomita and Herb Hill Furano. Endless view of flowers were beautiful, and the melons were awesome. 🙂
  • Went to see a couple of waterfalls after – 流星瀑布 and 银河瀑布.

16 July: 札幌

  • Sapporo underground shopping mall is like the shops along our Raffles Place MRT. They prefer this kinda shops because the shoppers are not subject to weather conditions, as compared to shopping on ground level.
  • Went to an old parliament building, which is now some educational building.
  • Went back to hotel at night, we dropped our bags and took the hotel’s shuttle to ススキの.
  • We saw very cute puppies in the pet shops there and went into a Pachinko. I won 1300 Yen with a 100 Yen coin. 😀


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