Second Wave of Attack!

That other theme doesn’t allow me to have lengthy last blog entries, so it’s back to this. Also preparing for the trip as I definitely will be blogging long entries with photo montages. JJ’s sister will be bringing her laptop, so I won’t need to buy additional SD cards, and most probably can post photos every night. 🙂

I was nearly recovered on Saturday when I got hit by another wave of virus infection on Sunday. Down with fever in the evening so I went to see the doctor again, had another day’s MC on Monday, but still feeling relatively weak today, so I went home to work after discovering that I could work from home. Wasted my dad’s time driving me to and from work though. 🙁 Hopefully I would have recovered by tomorrow, seeing that my trip is this Saturday. This wave of attack feels worse than last Wednesday’s, spoke to client on phone today and felt positively like dying. Craaaaaaaaap.

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