H1N1 Scare

Tomorrow’s Sunday, my exercise day, but I can’t exercise due to my sore throat (which, fortunately, is getting better). Doctor’s diagnosis is that I am eating inappropriate food. Henceforth I’m not allowed to eat the following: dairy products (Yay!), spicy food (Nooo) and oily food (never liked them anyway). It was a viral throat infection, but he only prescribed me with anti-diarrhoea pills, Panadol and lozenges. Another of those doctors who believe that I should create my own antibodies. Tsk.

Was on the phone with a client on Friday when she told me that the indicative H1N1 symptom is not limited to fever only. I panicked a little cos I still had the sore throat, so I planned to get myself tested on Saturday morning. But I woke up feeling better so I didn’t get myself tested in the end.

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