Of Challenges and Comfort Zones

nickpan gave me a challenge – to make Pipe Dream the first result when chufang is entered as a search keyword in Google. Currently I am the third result listing out of about 138,000 results for that keyword. I just edited some things on the blog, we’ll see whether the listings shift at the end of the month. 🙂

I have also given myself another personal challenge – to broaden the boundaries of my comfort zone again. As mentioned in the Facts, Habits and Goals meme, I don’t have confidence in activities that involve a lot of people watching me moving around. Which logically, makes dancing one of these activities.

Was introduced to Salsa dancing by my colleagues last year, and they have brought me to a Salsa club twice ever since. Tonight being the second time I went to the club. It was more crowded than the previous time we went there, and frankly speaking, I was such a stressed out ball of nerves. Haha. Previously, MZ also managed to persuade me to join her in a hip hop class, but it was so uncomfortable for me that I never joined her again.

I’m a natural introvert, and the things that I can do now without turning into a nervous wreck, is through years of practice and forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone. Some might think I’m a sadist for forcing myself so much, but without challenges, one cannot grow. I still cannot do a lot of things with confidence yet, but I hope that eventually I can become a well-rounded individual who is comfortable with herself in any situation. 🙂

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