Acne. It’s Stuck with Me!

I went to see a new skin doctor today. And he told me something which no previous doctor has told me before. That my acne problem will run on into my 40s. That’s…such sick news. I’ve been having this problem for the past 10 years, and there’s at least 20 more years of it to come.

In any case, he put me on another AHA program again, but has lesser products to use than my previous TPY doctor, which is something I like. I hate having to follow a 8 step skincare regime every morning and night.

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  1. Hv you tried organic skincare? I’m using La Vera now (available) at Watsons. It has actually improved my skin condition. I still get pimples but to a much lesser extent, esp if i dun sleep enough/stress/hormones.

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