White Water Rafting and Caving


Went white water rafting at My Gopeng Resort on Saturday. It started with a night bus trip from Little India on Friday night. We were supposed to arrive at the place at 9.30 am on Saturday morning, but the bus broke down in the middle of the night. We were stuck there for 7 hours until the back-up bus arrived. It was supposed to arrive much earlier though. We thought we weren’t gonna make it for the activities, but we did and we had fun. 🙂

The caving was really lame. It’s RM9 per entry to see this attraction called Top of the World, it wasn’t a real caving activity. After we washed up, we loitered around a shopping mall near the bus company’s office and decided to catch a movie as we had until 9 pm to burn. The first time I watched a movie overseas. It was an interesting experience. The seats were super classic, and you can hear the film rolling. Hahaha. Of course, the air con is always too cold. x_x

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