Happy Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year means new bedsheets! 🙂 I bought a kid’s bedsheet set from Aussino cos of the cow illustrations on the bedsheet. Here’s an angle of my bedroom that I never featured before, cos my desk is still black while the rest of the bedroom furniture are white.

Oreo started wearing a muzzler today to stop him from barking at visitors. He also became more docile when he’s wearing it. The thumbnail at the lower right hand corner shows his birthmark. :p

Pay to Sleep?

I went for my monthly facial session today, then went back to the office to continue working after that. On the cab home, I was thinking about the lack of rest I’m having and how fast I fell asleep during the facial. Then my train of thought went to MZ and I remember her telling me that she cannot live without her facials and massages to help her relax.

Is it worth it to have to pay to have time to sleep? Or should I be doing something that allows me to live a life with humane hours?

Facts, Habits, Goals meme

Tagged by ling, so here we go!

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note with 20 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

  1. [Fact] I cannot hear anything when I’m asleep, hence I need to sleep early in order to wake up for work
  2. [Goal] To purchase an apartment before I’m 35
  3. [Fact] I can live without gadgets (yes, this is a surprising fact! That’s why I put it here)
  4. [Habit] I like to touch my face (yes, a bad habit)
  5. [Habit] When I’m eating, I cannot do anything else. It spoils the eating experience.
  6. [Fact] I don’t like food that are too sweet, chocolates (except dark) and biscuits (too dry!).
  7. [Fact] I cannot bring myself to pay for branded bags.
  8. [Fact] I don’t drink beer and I don’t like wine.
  9. [Habit] Apparently, I squat like an ah beng.
  10. [Habit] I also have the bad habit of shaking leg like an ah beng. Maybe that’s why I don’t have money.
  11. [Fact] I don’t have confidence in activities that involve a lot of people watching me moving around.
  12. [Goal] I want to learn how to ride a scooter.
  13. [Fact] I don’t like to be ignorant.
  14. [Fact] I like to admire pretty girls.
  15. [Fact] I still watch anime.
  16. [Fact] I like to watch movies, but not on dates.
  17. [Fact] I’ve never done plastic surgery before.
  18. [Fact] I don’t have all my wisdom teeth.
  19. [Fact] I like to eat rice.
  20. [Goal] Work on my 2009 resolutions in 2009. :p

I wanna tag whoever that wants to do this la. It’s a waste of time, really. LOL.

2009 Resolutions

Not gonna repeat the resolutions that I have been doing well for, as I am going to work on making them good habits. Am just listing the new items I should be concentrating on in 2009 below.

  • Stop anticipating and interrupting people.
  • Stop swearing…as much. And hopefully stop doing it completely.
  • Focus more on what I want and less of what other people want, if it’s at my expense. Life is short, gotta make it a point to enjoy it more.
  • Have the courage to punch/knee bad people in physical self defense. I learnt a painful lesson that talk is really cheap.
  • Earn much more for my family and myself.

Decided to add one more resolution:

  • Slow down and smell the roses.