2008 in Review

I made these resolutions in the beginning of 2008, my comments on them are in italics:

  • Stop hunching when I sit down. I think I did very well for this point in 2008. Will continue in 2009 🙂
  • Start listening and stop anticipating and interrupting people. Need to work on this, man.
  • Save money (amount to be determined through secret plan). Did not bad for this as well. Will continue to 頑張ろう~ 🙂
  • Do my best, no more mucking around. Been trying to do that, but limited by the availability of time. Nonetheless, will continue to do my best with the amount of time available.
  • Type and speak better English. I think I did well for this, too. Haha.
  • Stop swearing. This point…cannot make it. -_-

Ok, so, to review what happened in 2008 (in chronological order from Jan):

  • Impulse bought g33k-girl.net
  • Bought a lousy new PC. Specs look good in print, but then it started to reject my processor since mid May for unknown reasons, am using some backup processor my brother has at the moment. I believe my brother has abscond with my expensive new processor already.
  • Had a beautiful Valentine’s Day with Pipi. Cannot believe it, right. A girl can outdo a guy any time. -_-
  • Failed my JLPT3. Retook it in December, results will only be out in Feb 2009. So I’ll be waiting for that.
  • Tried cable skiing for the first time. Don’t think I’ll do it again. Am open to wakeboarding though.
  • Learnt how to make amigurumis. Have a huge bag of yarn in my room now.
  • Won Best M1 Team for M1 Asia Challenge 2008. Had fun, made great friends. 🙂
  • Joined Convertium. Met nickpan in real life.
  • Some bad stuff happened. I learnt that you cannot be assured that you can successfully charge a person by going to the police. On TV, everything is clear cut, but in real life, there are a lot of grey areas. So it’s always best to ensure that everything you do in life is black/white just to make sure you can win the argument if there is a need to.
  • Went BKK for the first time in my life. I learnt that choosing the people you travel with, is a very important aspect to consider.
  • Had this crazy illness that lasted for 3 months, before I met a life saving Chinese sinseh who cured me.
  • Robin got married. He’s younger than me, you know.
  • Started zhng-ing my gadgets with bling.
  • Went for company trip and learnt how crazy my colleagues are. Things have never been the same since then. Also won an iPod Touch during the trip, am having so much fun with it now.
  • I turned Christmas Cake and had a smashing good time.
  • Got promoted to Project Manager. Can’t say it’s a good thing for my health, but looks good on the resume nonetheless.
  • SC got married. She’s also younger than me. LOL
  • Passed JCS intermediate class, will be taking Advanced I lessons in 2009
  • Am Star of the Year. Whoohoo, I get subsidised Japanese lessons.
  • Went to chill out at Batam with cousins. Not bad experience. We’re doing it again in Feb 09.

In retrospect, I did a lot of things for the first time this year. Am enjoying the new experiences, but also, it will be better if I had shared them with a special someone. You know how it is. Fun times with friends, is just… fun times with friends. And you only relive them when you meet up. But if you have a favorite person, you can make memories, and relive the memories at any time, until the end of your life journeys. You don’t have to wait for meet-ups to have fun.

Though I can live without having the bad things that happened to me in 2008, I would not have learnt certain lessons if they didn’t. So… ya.

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