2008 Recession

Are you feeling the effect of the recession?

Recently, I just found out that a friend of mine got retrenched from her job. She’s my age, but she graduated a year before me. It kinda made me feel relieved that I have a busy job even though it prevents me from sleeping on time. I’m not being mean by feeling glad for myself at her expense, I do recommend her any suitable job offers that I know of, to help with her situation.

Today, I had a meeting with a co-vendor and a client. Turns out that their companies both hire staff on contract basis extensively, and all of them are uncertain about their job security. Personally, I would never apply for a contract position knowingly because I cannot handle uncertainty. I did apply to ST when I graduated from NUS, but that was before I knew that they hired people on contract basis as well. Haha. Yes, I always do kuku things like this.

Even though I know I am secured in my job (and my boss has made a point to reassure me), it still feels uneasy that the effect of recession has hit people I work with on a daily basis. And worse still, a friend of mine.

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  1. it hit pple ard me too. Pay Cut and retrenchments. it’s really sad to hear. agreed with MZ that we should work hard to secure a job. it’s going to be a tough ride in the next year. jia you!

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