Last Weekend

A lot of things happened last weekend:

  • Friday: Fainted at Clementi MRT, met life-saving doctor, half day KO
  • Saturday: Holga camera, 小さい hat, Pris’s birthday partay
  • Sunday: Working on this layout!

Friesday: I fainted at Clementi MRT while waiting for the train on my way to work. Managed to get myself seated next to an auntie, who helped me get the MRT staff, before I KO and hit the floor. The MRT staff wheel-chaired me to their staff room and fed me Milo. I called my parents to fetch me when I was able to. MRT staff asked if I was on my way to school. *Feels flattered* Haha. Parents came and cabbed me to a life saving doctor! I’ve been sick since July, and all doctors I’ve seen before this could not tell me what was wrong with me. I have had a blood test done and chest x-ray taken, which showed normal results. This doctor was able to tell me what’s wrong with me and gave me a prescription accordingly. I am happy to say that I am 元気 now! Will intro this doctor to all my friends. 🙂 After getting home, I got some work done, and KO-ed from 3 pm onwards.

Saturday: Went to get Pris a birthday present as well as some headgear at Vivocity. Rabbit ears were sold out, so I got a chiisai cosplay hat (in lower left hand corner of pic above)! Went to PageOne to get Pris a present, saw the Holga camera and nearly bought it on impulse. Was toying with the idea of buying for her as well, but it’s a film camera and totally troublesome. Still pondering over it now. I think the multi-colored set is damn cool. We had a crazy TABOO party that evening. Didn’t join them at Zouk after cos I was still on the road to recovery.

Sundaes: I spent the whole freaking day coding this, trying to fix the background. Lol. Have no idea when the weird horizontal scrollbar appeared. >.>

7 Replies to “Last Weekend”

  1. Ack, luckily you’re ok now. Thanks for your present, it’s very cute! And I always wanted to get a new journal. Anyway we have boardgames party occasionally, come for the next one yar?

  2. ur friday was adventurous while sunday was hectic… i still like ur new design its cool! esp the “comment fields”…! so cool! jus fix the scroll bar and ur on a roll!

  3. you are simply crazy!!! the onli time i fainted was in primary school, after i got jabbed for some immunity stuff. never eat breakfast. haha. got fed milo too! u take care man…sighz…

  4. Cessy: You’re welcome. It has links on every page for you to check out! 🙂 Sure, I’ll be there if I can make it. Hehe.

    Shru: I’m trying to fix it. LOL.

    MK: I’m trying to take care! My friend says I suck at it. Hahaha.

  5. Nick: Haha, too bad only got auntie nearby.

    XJ: Doctor says, when I was sick in July till now, I drank too much liang teh that make my body too liang, that’s why so weak. Now I’m no longer weak, but the cough is still here. Will see him again to fix the cough. 🙂

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