Canon IXUS 980 IS

Canon recently launched a new compact camera that allows users to control aperture and shutter speed. I am very tempted to sell off my Canon IXUS 860 IS to get this camera so that I can experiment with aperture and shutter speed. Have already seen a couple of sample pics taken by this camera, it’s just as good (or sucky at high ISO :p) as my 860.

Also, it’s selling at SGD 659 with free 4GB SD card, which I think is a normal price range. Maybe can get cheaper at Mustafa? But might not have freebies there. Haha. I can sell off my current camera and top up a bit to get it. πŸ™‚ Need to check how much my current camera can fetch. I’ve only used it for a year and it’s in pristine condition.

Last Weekend

A lot of things happened last weekend:

  • Friday: Fainted at Clementi MRT, met life-saving doctor, half day KO
  • Saturday: Holga camera, 小さい hat, Pris’s birthday partay
  • Sunday: Working on this layout!

Friesday: I fainted at Clementi MRT while waiting for the train on my way to work. Managed to get myself seated next to an auntie, who helped me get the MRT staff, before I KO and hit the floor. The MRT staff wheel-chaired me to their staff room and fed me Milo. I called my parents to fetch me when I was able to. MRT staff asked if I was on my way to school. *Feels flattered* Haha. Parents came and cabbed me to a life saving doctor! I’ve been sick since July, and all doctors I’ve seen before this could not tell me what was wrong with me. I have had a blood test done and chest x-ray taken, which showed normal results. This doctor was able to tell me what’s wrong with me and gave me a prescription accordingly. I am happy to say that I am ε…ƒζ°— now! Will intro this doctor to all my friends. πŸ™‚ After getting home, I got some work done, and KO-ed from 3 pm onwards.

Saturday: Went to get Pris a birthday present as well as some headgear at Vivocity. Rabbit ears were sold out, so I got a chiisai cosplay hat (in lower left hand corner of pic above)! Went to PageOne to get Pris a present, saw the Holga camera and nearly bought it on impulse. Was toying with the idea of buying for her as well, but it’s a film camera and totally troublesome. Still pondering over it now. I think the multi-colored set is damn cool. We had a crazy TABOO party that evening. Didn’t join them at Zouk after cos I was still on the road to recovery.

Sundaes: I spent the whole freaking day coding this, trying to fix the background. Lol. Have no idea when the weird horizontal scrollbar appeared. >.>

New Layout!

New layout. But I don’t like it even though I’ve spent the past 10 years working on it.

There’s this freaking weird side scrollbar and my background disappears in firefox/chrome. Only looks good in IE.

I fail at CSS. πŸ™ Will recreate another layout soon.

I go sleep.

I’m A Sheriff!

CBG Peepee went to Dallas for her new job’s training, and bought me a sherif’s badge! It’s damn cool cos it has my name engraved on it. ε₯½ε§ε¦Ή has one as well.

Now I wanna bitch about today. I was on the train to see my skin doctor (I have chronic eczema) and kenna a pick pocket! I placed my phone in my pocket and was getting off the MRT when I felt my phone slipping out of my pocket! I turned around and saw my phone in the pickpocket’s hand. I promptly grabbed it back and walked out of the train. Everybody standing around saw it. A lady who got off the train with me asked if he took my stuff. I said, yea, in a pissy tone. Then I turned back to give him the evil eye, but the guy already slipped off elsewhere. What a bastard! And everybody else is a bastard also cos nobody bother to catch him! I was rushing for my doctor’s appointment, if not I sure give him a piece of my mind! Also, I was sick and didn’t have energy to be bothered. But if I was ε…ƒζ°— enough, sure won’t let him off.

I’m seriously not making excuses here cos one time I kenna some sick uncle on the MRT who kept squeezing into me. When the person next to me got off the train, I promptly shifted over into the next seat. And yet the uncle followed suit and shifted into my seat! Pissing me off, I stood up and let him have all 3 seats. Then he started scolding me and said, “If you’re so high class, go and take a cab la”. Wah lau, I don’t wanna argue with him, he come and ζΆδΊΊε…ˆε‘ŠηŠΆ. Another bastard. I ignored him, then he challenged me and said, “Go to the police la, if you not happy.” Then I said, “Come, let’s go, don’t challenge people if you got no guts.” Then he hum ji and didn’t follow through with his challenge.

My next boyfriend better drive, so I’m spared from all the siao lang I meet on buses and trains. If I wanna talk about the siao lang I meet on buses as well, this post will never end. Really cannot believe my luck. Fucked up.