Of Goals and Wishes

Went to see Zhang Jingna‘s photo exhibition at the Arts House after class on Saturday. I expected to see a lot of photos, but was quite disappointed that a lot of the photos on display, I had already seen them online or on newspapers.

I read her biography and realised that she had a promising career on the National Air Rifle team, but gave it up to pursue her passion for photography. It reminded me of my previous achievements, and I entertained the thought of taking up shooting again, and even surfed the net a bit on where I can shoot some stuff in Singapore. Haha. Must haolian a bit, it’s a little known fact that I achieved National 8th for .22 revolver shooting before. Anyway, as I thought about it, so what if I pick up shooting again? There’s no point in going to shoot on a regular basis, unless I’m training for a competition or something, so I dropped the thought of picking it up again. But I’m quite certain I’ll pick up photography when I’m rich (fame is optional).

Met BJ and MZ for dinner after that, at Central mall. We tried out this authentic ramen stall opposite Waraku dining. The queue outside the restaurant never shortened even though patrons were flowing in and out of the restaurant. We found it pretty amazing cos the menu consisted of only 3 types of ramen. Original soup base, spicy soup base and some other ramen. I had the spicy soup base and it was fantastic. We tried a couple of the side dishes, charsiu and dumplings, which were fantastic as well. The pricing is inexpensive too. Comes up to about $18 per person.

We went to TCC after dinner for some drinks (the ramen restaurant only served iced water, beer and green tea) and talked about aging. I asked BJ to take a photo of MZ and me and we started talking about how different we looked when we first knew each other. MZ looks really different. Her face really slimmed down from before, and she really looked like a kid back then. As for me, I’ve always been cao lao (some guy mistook me for 28 years old when I was 18 years old), so I pretty much look the same, except that my teeth aren’t so buck-toothed anymore. I also had my wish granted. When I was younger, the general consensus was that I always looked 23, when my actual age was lower than that, so I always jokingly said that, “well, I hope to still look 23 when I’m really 23”. Now I wish to still look 23 at age 25 and beyond. Hahaha.

Estrella and MZ

BJ has always looked the same, since our polytechnic days. The only difference in all her pictures to date, is her hair length and hair color. Blessed is she. :p

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