Stressed Up

I’m damn stressed. My mom keep asking me for money.

Part of my secret plan is to save some capital then invest in something (property, stocks whatever), and use the dividends (or whatever passive income) to handle her increasing demands. But if she keep asking for more now, means I cannot build up my capital and the date to fulfilling my plan just keeps moving further and further away! It’s such a crappy shit vicious cycle man.

My dad will object if she asks me for more money in front of him, so now she does it when he’s out at work and I’m alone at home with her. Little wonder that I always stay out late and return home only to shower and sleep. Lucky my new job is damn busy with lots of OT.

I’m going crazy soon. The mental stress is killing me.

6 Replies to “Stressed Up”

  1. Nick: Last weekend my mom told me to get married since I only go home to shower and sleep. LOL

    BJ: Ya, when are you free? You always not online. Can we arrange via email? LOL

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