Robin’s Wedding

Robin got married in mid July, and I woke really early to help out. The purple dress was for during the day, and the green outfit for the evening dinner. My brother kept laughing at me and called me Green Goblin. Haha. :p

While we’re on the topic of marriage, I watched Sex and the City at SC’s place yesterday. In the show, Miranda’s husband slept with another woman once and admitted it to her. She couldn’t bring herself to forgive him, but all the other girls were saying he only slipped up once, moreover he was so apologetic about it and they were sure he would not do it again.

I totally understand Miranda’s point of view. It’s not a matter of how apologetic he is, but rather he shouldn’t have done such a thing to be apologetic about in the first place.

And then there was this scene where they were at the marriage counselor’s and the husband said, what happened to the vow, together in better or worst? It made me wonder what kind of values the show are imparting to men. Because of the marriage vows, women have to stick with men no matter what they have done to disappoint them? In that case, I really think Carrie and Big are crazy to want to get married.

I know I’m too idealistic. Maybe that’s why I’m still single.

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  1. well slip ups happen. to men, or to women, whoever the victim may be. and if it happens to a women, im sure we’ll use the “whatever happened to for better or worse” clause on the men as well 😀

    i think the show’s fine. in the series, Carrie slipped up… she had an affair with Big. What both parties cannot live with is the fact that even after forgiving, one will still be worried about the other doing wrong again, no matter what assurance. i guess it’s really not easy.

    it’s not being abt idealistic. it’s abt being realistic. 😀

  2. I don’t think I will even allow myself to slip up to have to be apologetic and let myself use that “together in better or worse” vow as an argument to ask for forgiveness, if I am in a committed relationship.

    If I’m just fooling around like the girls in Sex and the City, then who cares about promises/vows/monogamy? We’re just fooling around, there are no such things as promises or committed relationships in such a situation. The men shouldn’t expect it as well, since it’s a non-committed relationship.

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