Bangkok Trip Day 4

Row 1 (L-R): Xiaohui and I, Xiaohui & Li Keng
Row 2 (L-R): Buru!, Very cute princess dog, ah bit land, Couple of GRs, Stash for the day

We spent the day at Chatuchak market and I had a grand time molesting the animals. Nothing much to buy here, the clothes I won’t wear one lo. And the shoes don’t come in my size. I have huge feet. Haha. Ended up buying tops for Oreo and some little bags to sell online. But Yahoo! is still problematic, so I haven’t posted the items online yet.

I also met Buru! See her photo up there. She’s really tame and didn’t whine like the other toy poodles we saw at the market. Only SGD 40+. They were selling a lot of ah bits as well. All of them looked like ah bit when he was young – palm sized! The cute thing was, the vendors made their ah bits wear dresses. I didn’t manage to take a pic of one in a dress, but they looked really cute.

We went to MBK in the evening and I bought a lot of things. Finally found my Rock & Republic jeans at an affordable price, so I had to buy them. I saw the jeans at Phuket when I went with JJ and gang, but they were grossly overpriced. I also bought a BAPE T shirt and a hoodie. Love the hoodie, it’s extremely warm though.

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