Bangkok Trip Day 3

Row 1 (L-R):See how many freaking people there are?, My Parents and I
Row 2 (L-R): Me, Xiaohui and Li Keng, Stash for the day

The third day of the trip was the worst. We woke up at 4 am to take the transport to 白龙宫, where this old man can advise us on our life journey, bless certain items that we wear daily, write us protective talismans and sign on our cash for huat huat.

The temple was situated very far away from our hotel, by the time we arrived in the vicinity of the temple, the sun was already shining brightly, and our queue number was > 150 (yes! He’s so popular he has a queue system!). Apparently we didn’t wake up early enough.

By the time I got to see him, it was already 1 pm. Nothing worth mentioning about what he said, but I got him to bless my pinky ring, sign on my 2 dollar note and got a talisman as well. That 10 hours spent there wasn’t worth it. I rather I went to the floating market instead. And apparently, the temple visit was not very huat/protective cos I’m currently sick at home (which explains why I have the time to blog). Will blog about this terrible sickness I’m having in a later post.

My mom says the old man dissed all of us off cos we’re not celebrities or he thinks our lives are not important enough to require his attention. Btw, did you know that Tony Leung and Carina Lau went to see him when they were arranging their marriage? Now, these are the kind of people he thinks are worth his attention. I think, when it comes to a point where you use fame/wealth to decide whether you want to help people or not, you are not fit to be someone who resides in a temple.

After the temple visit, we spent our afternoon at Platinum mall. Managed to get some cheap clothes, but alas I only fit in 4 out of 6 tops I bought. This happens because I couldn’t try them on. Haha.

Btw, I updated Bangkok Trip Day 1 with pictures that I took on SC’s cam. 🙂

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