Bangkok Trip Day 2

Row 1 (L-R, 2nd half L-R): Li Keng & I, SC and Li Keng, SC and I, SC and hubby, Li Keng and I
Row 2: Xiaohui & Li Keng, Dad, Li Keng’s parents
Row 3: Random Scenes

Wanted to wait for the pictures from SC and add on to the previous post, but her photos never arrived, and I doubt they ever will. So I’ll just move on to blog about the second day of our trip.

We went to Sam Ping, a wholesale market. There were a lot of shops selling cheap art materials at wholesale price. I bought 6 rolls of wool to make my amigurumis. Haha. There were no clothes to buy though. I saw some cute bears and wanted to get them as souvenirs for the girls in the office, but there weren’t enough stock, so I only got enough for APAPA girls and APAPA female spouses. :p Will be giving them out during the next APAPA gathering, which is PP’s birthday dinner.

After Sam Ping, we were walking around the neighbourhood and saw this really tiny Chihuahua and a Golden Retriever. I wanted to take a picture of them next to each other to show the stark contrast in their sizes, or at least both of them looking at the camera, but it was quite tough, so I only managed to get the shot below. I really like that pic of the Golden Retriever in the collage though. He looks like he’s smiling as I’m scratching him. 🙂

The puppy only costs 2,500 Baht. But this is a friendship price, meaning the seller did not earn much from the sale. If tourists like us went to make a purchase, it’ll be double the price or something.

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