Went to Pawtobello Cafe with MZ and KC last Saturday. MZ has been talking about it for the past month, but I was so busy with Japanese lessons and Asia Challenge training that I didn’t feel like going out too much. Asia Challenge ended the previous weekend, and I had my Japanese term test last Saturday, so we decided to have dinner together and go to the cafe to relax after.

While waiting for our dinner to be served (we had zi char near MZ’s place. The 虾酱鸡 is the best), MZ brought me to a hair salon. A couple who kept two toy poodles owns the salon. One of the poodles was in the shop, it’s apricot colored with a white patch on her head. Very tame girl. Her owners were very friendly and showed me videos of tricks that she can do. The couple trained their poodle so well that they can differentiate between money and trash. They’ll pick up money and pass it to their owners, and throw trash into the dustbin. Haha. So cute. I managed to carry the toy poodle and MZ was exclaiming cos when she tried to carry the poodle previously, it kept barking at her. The moment I touched the poodle, she lied down and let me carry her. Hehe. Successfully 骗到手. 😛

After dinner at Pawtobello Cafe, I got a chance to molest so many dogs. 😀 This girl at the next table has a 9 year old miniature pinscher that was absolutely calm and did not engage in as much excitement as the younger dogs at the place. It’ll walk a few rounds around the cafe then come to me and ask me to carry her. So cute and tame. The girl was really surprised, she mentioned that the pinscher never allows strangers to carry her. Haha. So that’s the second dog I successfully 骗到手. 😛

There’s also this horny shih tzu at the next table owned by a bunch of kids. It kept following Teddy thinking he’s a girl (Teddy already went for sterilisation) and shifted its attention to a female toy poodle that came into the cafe later in the evening. It has a fetish for toy poodles. Lol. The female toy poodle was together with a very red male toy poodle. They looked very cute together, dressed in mickey and minnie mouse suits. I managed to catch the male toy poodle and MZ took a picture for us.

Very Red Toy Poodle

My arm looks damn fat from all the exercise man. Lol.

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