Bad Genes

Today was one of the rare occasions where I wore makeup to work, and I realise that I’ve reached that stage in my life where there is a huge difference between my naked face and my made up face. I look at other girls my age and envy how hassle free their complexions are, whereas mine can’t survive without a doctor’s prescription. And a doctor’s prescription might not be able to save it either.

Just yesterday, I was arguing with a friend about how much I spend on beauty products (to no results) and doctor’s prescriptions (to no drastic improvements). I was saying that I don’t really care about how I look (I really don’t. I pay for all these so that people around me will shut up. Seriously.) and he was challenging me with “Then you pay so much for your beauty products and doctor for what.”

Today, I realised why I chose to dump my income in beauty products and the doctor’s prescription.

I just want to be able to wash and go every morning, get through the day with nobody criticising my complexion, get back home, wash and go to bed every night. I don’t want to have to apply a 1245341625 step regime every morning and night anymore. 🙁

2 Replies to “Bad Genes”

  1. *huggies* Cheer up! We love you for who you are, how you look, what you wear and how you behave.

    You don’t have to spoil your day for someone who put you down for no reason.

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