Pets Farm Visit

We went to Pasir Ris pet farms again last Saturday, and I bumped into Buru. She’s a parti-coloured poodle going for SGD 2,000. Nearly bought her on impulse, luckily I left my wallet in the car.

There was an albino poodle as well. First time in my entire life that I encountered an albino puppy. It kept bullying the little red poodle next to it. I find the albino puppy quite adorable with its pink nose, but it’ll be very sad if I buy it and it has a shorter lifespan than normal. As it is, I am very worried about ah bit. He’s already 6 years old this year.

We also met a very funny Chow Chow. When it saw me approaching, it jumped up and balanced its stomach on the play pen, trying to rock himself out of it. Such a sight! Hahaha. Too bad I didn’t manage to capture a picture of it doing that.

We went to Pet U Megamart after and there was this huge doggie. It was kicking its forelegs like a horse! It actually stands (on all four legs) at a height taller than my waist. There was another huge black dog in the shop as well.

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