Tuesday Blues

Spilt coffee down the front of my pants this morning, dirtied my chair and pants. Fortunately, I did not scald myself and I was wearing coffee colored pants. I also brought a change of clothes for after gym. I didn’t want to bring them initially, but grabbed them as I was rushing off for work this morning. So now I look like a news caster, formally dressed on top, but wearing shorts on the bottom.

I also just sent out a kuku email without consulting my boss and/or team mate and kenna bua. Ultimate Tuesday blues man.

Day 12

I didn’t want to come to office and find a toppled over plant on Monday, so I propped them against tissue boxes.

Day 11

I came into the office to find two of the stalks tilted at 90 degrees, and there was no space to place a stick for support, so I tied all 3 stalks together.

The fragrance at my cubicle is overpowering. If I pass out at work, it’s cos of these flowers! Hahahahahaha.

Day 10

My desk is really fragrant now! Everybody’s stopping by to make small talk with me. :3

Fireworks @ Chinatown

Went Chinatown for dinner yesterday and got stuck in the crowd in front of Lucky Chinatown. Amazingly, we got stuck at the part in front of the stage.

There was an endless stream of lions prancing along the road throughout the whole performance. They’re really nice. There was one in hot pink fur and bling bling pink sequins. LOL. Managed to catch the fireworks as well. They were beautiful, but I left my cam in the car, so no pics. Hahaha. :p