2007 In Review

Memorable Events

  • World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade launched.
  • Pinky:St doll craze.
  • Panda dumped me like I’m a shit boyfriend (which I will be if I’m a guy).
  • Cut my hair short for the first time in 8 years.
  • Formed WoW Gorgonnash Horde Guild Amitofo.
  • Operation to move my teeth around. Lost 5 kg.
  • Broke up with Muffin man.
  • Graduated from NUS. Finally.
  • New bedroom.
  • New job, new friends, old place.
  • Movie of the year for me: 881
  • First travel trip without parents.
  • Braces off!

Resolutions Review
I made the following resolutions in the beginning of 2007:

  1. Finish my HYP on time AND get a good grade for it.
  2. Concentrate on my studies this sem and hopefully pull my CAP up to 4.
  3. Find a job I like.

And I’m sad to say that I achieved none of them. 🙁

At the same time, I also made the following plans to be achieved by 2012:

  1. Buy ah bit a new cage.
  2. Get myself a PDA.
  3. Earn enough to hire a weekend maid so I don’t have to spend time on housework anymore.
  4. Earn enough so that my parents don’t have to work so hard anymore.
  5. Earn enough to let my parents go on overseas trips now and then.
  6. Buy a flat with muffin man.
  7. Buy Buru the poodle.

I managed to achieve 1. I don’t wanna do 2 anymore, and I can’t seem to earn enough for 3, 4 and 5. 6 and 7 look like they’re not gonna happen.

Based on what I have achieved this year, on a scale of 10, I’ll give this year a 5. Quite shit, but not totally shit either. Looking forward to a better 2008! Huat ah~

My Gadgets

Been wanting to post a pic of my phone ever since I dolled it up, but never got around to doing it. Anyway, I bought my own crystals and little white roses and stuck them onto my phone using nail polish. Looks real girl right? :p

I ordered a customised hard cover for my DS Lite through play-asia, and collected the package yesterday. 🙂 Looks quite nice when you open up the DS cos it forms a complete picture of Shinryu from Dragonball Z.

No, I’m not a fan of Dragonball Z, I just like the dragon. Dan dan says I’m very lian! LOL



Christmas @ Pai’s

We spent Christmas at Pai’s. There were potato smiles…

…and cake. How can we forget the cake!

The cake had really cute ornaments on them, so I took a pic. These photos are post processed, the original color captured were way too yellow. My white balance settings weren’t suitable.

We had fun watching Shutter, and they refused to let me take a group photo after that, so I only have pics of food to feature. Haha. :p

NPCC Outing!

Met my squadmates at Paulaner for dinner last night, I think a lot of them are very different from Secondary School time, except for WZ, HS and the girls.

At least the turn out wasn’t too bad, we only had 6 absentees. Bird totally didn’t reply my SMS about the outing at all. Lol.

Group Pic!

Xuewei and Huiqing were absent, so there were only four girls.

Lingzhi, Weinee, me and Karuwai

And this is what the rich and famous look like.

Shang Chai and Weinee

Impulse Buy!

I got myself a Christmas present. 😡 It’s totally an impulse buy. It’s a silver Canon IXUS 860 IS. Xiujun, 我没有能耐. -_-“

The salesman was selling those mini direct print printers as well, so I got him to take a picture of MZ and me and print 2 copies for us. I chatted with him so much that he got confused and nearly gave me two sets of camera cases. Wahaha. And I like how it doesn’t capture my shit complexion. 🙂

Met sugar daddy for movie after that and took some shots at Vivocity since we ended up meeting early. I didn’t edit these photos except for the size to avoid spoiling my layout. Basically these are for XJ to see. Hahaha. :p

Manual Mode
Focal length: 4.6mm
Sensitivity: ISO 160 (Auto)
Shutter speed: 1/60
Aperture: 2.8
Exp Compensate: 0

Digital Macro Mode
Focal length: 4.6mm
Sensitivity: ISO 100
Shutter speed: 1/100
Aperture: 2.8
Exp Compensate: 0

Digital Macro Mode
Focal length: 4.6mm
Sensitivity: ISO 100
Shutter speed: 1/25
Aperture: 2.8
Exp Compensate: 0

These were taken this morning cos I was too pooped out after watching that long ass Warlords movie last night and didn’t play with the camera when I got home.

Digital Macro Mode
Focal length: 4.6mm
Sensitivity: ISO 400
Shutter speed: 0.3
Aperture: 2.8
Exp Compensate: 0

Digital Macro Mode
Focal length: 4.6mm
Sensitivity: ISO 400
Shutter speed: 1/10
Aperture: 2.8
Exp Compensate: 0

My Dæmon, Aesop

Take the quiz on this flash animation. My Daemon will evolve in 12 days time based on input from you guys. 🙂

Oh ya, the flash a bit spoil, to go to next question, click on the patch of brown in the lower right hand corner.

People, People.

I have friends who are disgusted by humanness. They wish that people were always rational, consistent, and beautiful. And I have friends who are enchanted by humanness. They wish that people were more unique, inconsistent, and blemished.

It doesn’t matter whether we feel let down or relieved when we learn that our idols are, in fact, people. Because they’ve always been people. They argue, they cry, they laugh, and they stumble.

But so do we.

Source: A Person After All

In our daily lives, we share common experiences with friends, coworkers, lovers, and random people we cross on the street. But those experiences aren’t as similar as we think or sometimes expect.

A guy and a girl may have intercourse. To her, it’s making love, but to him it’s fucking. A mother may discipline a child. To her it’s good parenting, to the child it’s tyranny. Two startup founders may work toward the same vision. To Dan, that vision is about people. To Wilford, it’s about technology.

Source: Different Vocabulary, Similar Experience

I’ve started reading this blog ever since Evie mentioned it in one of her LJ posts, and I really like these two posts.

I like people. I know I complain about them all the time, but deep down inside, I like people. I like observing people interact with one another, how some people are more easy-going than others and how others can start shouting at each other at the drop of a hat. I am fascinated with observing and trying to understand people, but like all men, I find it tough to understand why women do the things they do… When they’re not doing rational people things like working. :p

Sian Bit

I suspect ah bit has a little lop ear blood in him. He’s half lop eared, but has fur like a lion head and colored like a hotot. Breed crisis. 😡