Birthday Things

Well, not everybody has facebook (you totally need to sign up), so here’s a post with pictures!

Got duped into having lunch at Fish & Co by the people in the office, and the November babies were made to stand on chairs while the Fish & Co crew started doing a birthday cheer. I really like it that I got a free sparkler. LOL.

Had dinner with MZ, BJ and Yun on my birthday itself. We ate at Vivocity cos MZ brought Teddy (my godson). Lol. Passerbys thought that it was his birthday instead of mine. Haha. :p

Cute Teddy

Sze Yun

Happy Mommy MZ



BJ got married in 5 minutes! I made her a framed cross stitch as a wedding gift, and we made them kiss with it. Haha. Here are some photos from that day.

She wanted to throw her bouquet, but none of us wanted it, in the end MZ caught it. Lol.

Starry Starry Night v2.0

Haven’t been creating layouts for a very long time (prolly as long as I was in NUS?), I know it looks very plain, but I like how the colors in the header image look like water colors ok?! It’s based on a previous layout that I had (when I was still hosted by Yume, who has gone missing after his sudden announcement of marrying a Japanese bride), which looked like this on top,

and had this picture of Chii at the bottom:

Time for food.

Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s everybody’s birthday today!

Happy Birthday Benji!
Happy Birthday Choon Kiang!
Happy Birthday Sarah!

A fortune teller once told me that if I don’t get married by the time I’m 24, I can forget about it. Well, I’m 24 today, and if we’re going by the Lunar Calendar, I was already 24 eons ago. QQ.

IS Road Relay

I’ve been so busy at work, I forgot to blog this. Always being sabo-ed, I took part in the department Road Relay race last week.

Well, we came in last, but that was our objective. Haha.

November Is A Month for Gifting

Both CS and PN just came back from holiday trips. CS and Cheryl brought me a test tube of flowers from Hokkaido. It’s very pretty and something that I really like. 🙂 It’s supposed to smell like Lavender, but the smell reminds me of something else… that I forgot the name to. Haha. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty. 🙂

PN got me a cute vietnamese girl from Hanoi. I put her with my photo frame and Eeyore on my desk. Looks real cute.

And this is Eva, my iPod Shuffle. During installation, there was a prompt for me to name the device and the name Eva just popped into my head. Haha.

A couple of weeks back, I nearly walked into Harvey Norman and bought an iPod on impulse. Luckily I didn’t and got this as a gift instead. Everybody’s reading my mind this year. Even when I popped my earphones on Eva to test her out, the very first song she started playing was 当你离开的时候 by Tanya, which I was thinking about in my mind at that moment. Lol.

The APAPA gang read my mind too, and got me a watch, something that I’ve been secretly wanting to save up and purchase.

Emily the Strange Shoes

The cat paws are bedroom slippers. Only $19.90. Very tempted to buy lei, とても可愛い. 😀 I wanted to buy that pair of pumps, thought that the skulls look real cute. But they didn’t have it in my size. 🙁