Saturday @ Siloso Beach

Spent Saturday at Sentosa cos I’ve been dying to see Sasha, Rinna’s poodle, plus Qiurong said she missed me. But she didn’t turn up cos she was running a fever. I think it’s her sleeping habits that caused the fever.

Sasha and Rinna

I finally got to kayak (after sooooo long). It was quite kuku actually. I actually paid for an hour’s slot, cos that’s usually how long I kayak at East Coast. But then I realised that they have a boundary in the sea, and the area is really small. Half an hour was enough for me, and I was getting bored with the scenery. I went to the stall and asked if I could just pay for only half an hour’s slot, but no go. Zzz. Went back to finish up the next half an hour. And this is me waving from the sea.

I also made another new friend, Jilian. She has beautiful hair.

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