Tei At The End Doesn’t Mean It’s A Restaurant Okay

Okay, so I wanted to treat my KawaiiLG and HJM to dinner right. KawaiiLG recommended this website to me and we started looking through restaurant reviews. In the end we settled on this restaurant. Go on, click on the link, read through the webpage and then tell me it looks like a nice place to treat friends to. Ok, so we agreed on meeting for dinner this Wednesday (which was yesterday) and I decided to make my reservations last Friday.

So, last Friday. I called them up and the girl said, she’ll call me back, when I told her I wanted to make a reservation. So she did, but I was in the gym, so I called her back after gym and told her I wanted to make reservations for 3 on Wednesday evening 7.15 pm. She said, sure, ok, we’ll see you on weds. Then I said, don’t you want my name? She said, no, it’s ok. You’re just coming here and ordering off the menu right? I said, ya. Then she said, yeah, that’ll be ok. Seeya weds then. So that was it on Friday.

Ok, so yesterday arrived and KawaiiLG said she’ll be late, so I called the girl up again and said, I’ll be changing my reservation to 7.30pm. She said, sure ok. No issues, you’re just coming here and ordering off the menu right? I said yeah. Then she said, yeah, that’s no problem then.

Okay… so, we worked and work ended and we met up. KawaiiLG reached there first and she told me that I had to see this. Guess what the stall looks like? Ta-da! It’s a store in a food court. LOL! Then I said, hey, I’m gonna call them and cancel my reservation! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, we went off without calling, and I sorta wondered whether she will call me to ask if I’m still coming! HAHAHAHA

We laughed at how stupid it was, and it finally dawned on me why she didn’t even want my name. And not only did I make a reservation with a STALL IN A FOOD COURT, I even called to change my reservation timing! Hahahahaha. In the end, we ate at Sushi Tei. Hahahaha.

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